Farm Baby! (Kauai Film Family Photographer)

meet florence aka “tiny” of lanipo farms. this little bean recently turned 1 and her mama wanted to document her growth with the fruits that were in season from their farm all around her. this baby has the life and she has some pretty amazing parents. she crawls around a beautiful farm with animals and fresh fruits and veggies to eat at all times.

this post is actually from two separate times documenting this little farm baby.  i put both together as one blog post so you can see how much these little people change in just a few months and really how important documenting this time is so important. once i photographed her while cruising at her families farm at kilohana plantation at about 8months of age and then i photographed her again right before her first birthday this past september out at my home in waimea.

while at their farm we had sun and lychee season was in full swing.  while at my home we had long gong fruits by the load and storm clouds with on off rain and rolling thunder but that didn’t seem to bother this baby one single bit.

here are a few from a visit at her family farm while she was 8 months:

islandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0067PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0068PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0069PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0070PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0071PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0072PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0073PINIMAGEand here are a few from her 1 year old shoot out at my home in waimea:islandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0056PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0057PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0058PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0059PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0060PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0062PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0063PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0064PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0065PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0066PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0042PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0044PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0045PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0046PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0049PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0050PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0052PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0053PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0054PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0055PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0047PINIMAGEthe end. modeling is tough.

if you are visiting kauai be sure to visit this lovely locally owned organic farm lanipo farms at kilohana plantation. and if you are on kauai keep your eyes peeled for mini sessions for the holidays at my home & orchard.

gear: contax 645, nikon f100       film: fuji 400h        lab: goodman film lab

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