Growing up (Kauai, Hawaii: Child & Family Film Photographer)

my daughter is growing up at an alarming rate. it seems like yesterday i was walking her into preschool & now she is in jr. high. it’s crazy! i know everyone says ‘they grow so fast, cherish each moment’. wow it’s crazy how fast it goes… looking back on these past 11 years, they fly! it seems like you will never get a break when they are little & you’re just hoping to get a shower or a solid night sleep, heck if you brush your hair it’s a good day. but looking back at those simple days, those will forever be some of my most cherished times with my kids.   sometimes you don’t know the best years until they are past. it seems like the years leading to kinder last a lifetime when you are in those times & then once they finish kinder it just moves past at lighning speed. now i look onto even more of the best years ahead as being a mom to these kids. they may be a different kind of best, a different kind of challenge but i still want to hold on as long as i can, anyway i can. for me that’s thru pictures. and lately i find myself taking lots & lots of pictures of my kids thinking: how much longer do i have of them actually liking me & wanting to spend time with  me lol. mother hood is crazy like that, when we have them all the time we need a break & when we see them slipping into independence we try to hold on tighter.

here are a few of my fav shots off my contax 645 camera shot on kodak porta 400 film. my daughter & i took a walk out to one of our favorite kauai beaches. we were not dressed for pictures in mind. we just wanted to go & have a little time together & since i always have a camera rollin along everywhere we go….. we had fun, we had laughs, we got sand in our eyes, we got wet from waves, i stubbed my toe….they may not be perfect but i will cherish these for a lifetime.


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