so excited to share ben & stephanie’s intimate island elopement on the north shore of kauai

as featured in Rock & Roll Bride


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gear: contax 645, nikon610, nikon f100    film: kodak porta 400, ilford 3200

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hey hey east coast i am coming your way….i will be traveling for a month from new york to boston. please inquire if you would like to book a travel session with me while i am in your neck of the woods. i will only offer a limited number of sessions so these usually fill up. i would love to meet you & capture your story while i am back on my home turf kickin it with my parents. the east coast is so beautiful in the summer & i am excited to shoot in some different places. some of my sessions from back east are some of my favs & i can ‘t want to do more. please inquire at for pricing, dates & locations.

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“what do i wear to my lifetsyle shoot!?!”

every year i personally get my family photos taken by someone other then myself, JUST so i can feel what it is like to be in your shoes.

yes it can be stressful but please don’t let it be. i know a camera in your face can be hard for people & the thought of what to wear to look your  best can be daunting.

please don’t let it be. relax. you got this. it’s easier then you think.

here are some of my tips for dressing for your lifestyle photo shoot with me here on kauai, maui, big island, oahu or mainland.

 ********be yourself!!  be comfortable!!********

this is pretty much what i will always tell everyone: be yourself, be comfortable & make sure you can move freely.

wear what you already own. there is no need to be going out to buy clothes. chances are your favorite items are already in your closet. and they are your favorite items because you are comfortable & feel good in them. so wear that!

if you don’t wear heals & dresses everyday, don’t wear them to your  photo shoot.  don’t wear strapless if it makes you uncomfortable. if you don’t walk around with matching outfits don’t come to your shoot like that. most woman (pretty much everyone) says “i hate my arms, can you make them look smaller?” well yes, if you cover them up with mid length sleeves this helps & makes arms look more flattering. if you have a self concious body part (we all do) cover it up. it will make you feel less uncomfortable worrying about it.

get the point….just be yourself….and be sure to be comfortable!

i will have you moving, walking, running, spashing (yeah you might actually get wet), sitting etc etc so you want clothes that will let your personalities shine. if your kid like surf trunks, let him wear surf trunks, if your daughter has a favorite dress that she loves to pieces let her wear it. let the kids be themselves too. if your child is uncomfortable in their clothes it will show! this goes for the husbands & grandpas too.


don’t be afraid of color!  color is a good thing. yes white is nice if you have a tan. but if it’s winter & your flying in from the mainland, chances are you don’t have a good winter tan going, so white will actually draw all your color out, making you look even whiter. so if you like white add some pops of color in your attire. and black, oh well black isn’t as slimming as you think in photographs.

have fun & choose a color or two &  work those colors into your outfits for your shoot.  prints & stripes work well too, don’t be afraid to just wear what you have in your closet or your suitcase. chances are those are your favorite things to wear anyway.

color looks beautiful on film so be sure to have some nice pops of color!

*****an inspiration piece!****

do you have a favorite scarf? your favorite flowing skirt?  a shirt you just love? your childs favorite tee?

wear it &  then pull a few colors or a color from that.

and then it all comes back to having fun with this & being yourself!

****going underwater?***

if your planning on going underwater for your session  lighter clothing works best. if your fabric is heavy it will be even heavier wet. if you are wearing a wedding dress it is a good  idea to have a lighter dress for when you actually go underwater, as your dress will get incredibly heavy.

lighter color bathing suits photograph better underwater. super dark colors like navy & black often show lots of the little micro bubbles etc etc in the water. colors such as: reds, pinks, blues, light greens, whites & yellows look beautiful underwater!

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