meet florence aka “tiny” of lanipo farms. this little bean recently turned 1 and her mama wanted to document her growth with the fruits that were in season from their farm all around her. this baby has the life and she has some pretty amazing parents. she crawls around a beautiful farm with animals and fresh fruits and veggies to eat at all times.

this post is actually from two separate times documenting this little farm baby.  i put both together as one blog post so you can see how much these little people change in just a few months and really how important documenting this time is so important. once i photographed her while cruising at her families farm at kilohana plantation at about 8months of age and then i photographed her again right before her first birthday this past september out at my home in waimea.

while at their farm we had sun and lychee season was in full swing.  while at my home we had long gong fruits by the load and storm clouds with on off rain and rolling thunder but that didn’t seem to bother this baby one single bit.

here are a few from a visit at her family farm while she was 8 months:

islandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0067PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0068PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0069PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0070PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0071PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0072PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0073PINIMAGEand here are a few from her 1 year old shoot out at my home in waimea:islandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0056PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0057PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0058PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0059PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0060PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0062PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0063PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0064PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0065PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0066PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0042PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0044PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0045PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0046PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0049PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0050PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0052PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0053PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0054PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0055PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer0047PINIMAGEthe end. modeling is tough.

if you are visiting kauai be sure to visit this lovely locally owned organic farm lanipo farms at kilohana plantation. and if you are on kauai keep your eyes peeled for mini sessions for the holidays at my home & orchard.

gear: contax 645, nikon f100       film: fuji 400h        lab: goodman film lab

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i love having elements of nature in my shoots. i often bring a fruit that is in season or flowers that are in bloom for a shoot in lue of trendy props.

one of my favorite flowering trees in hawaii  is the showerwood tree.

so when this mama to be needed some maternity pictures to document her 4th & final baby. i knew i wanted the showerwood trees in her neighborhood to be in her session.

i can’t wait to meet this baby!

~as featured on Tiny Prints blog for 100 Inspiring Maternity Photo Ideas & 100 Layer Cakelette

islandreflectionsphotography_kauaimaternityphotography1415PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaimaternityphotography1416PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaimaternityphotography1417PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaimaternityphotography1418PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaimaternityphotography1419PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaimaternityphotography1420PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaimaternityphotography1421PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaimaternityphotography1424 copyPINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaimaternityphotography1422PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaimaternityphotography1424PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaimaternityphotography1426PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaimaternityphotography1428PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaimaternityphotography1429PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaimaternityphotography1430PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaimaternityphotography1431PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaimaternityphotography1432PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaimaternityphotography1433PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaimaternityphotography1434PINIMAGEislandreflectionsphotography_kauaimaternityphotography1417 copyPINIMAGE

gear: contax 645            film: kodak portra 400     lab/scans: Goodman Film Lab 

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so many of my clients are not on island so they can’t feel, touch or see my products that i offer in my portrait & wedding collections.

i strongly suggest you order a collection with a print collection or album.

you took this time to collect your family for a portrait and pulled off the most perfect dream of a wedding day so it’s my job to get those jpegs into something that you will treasure for a life time. we don’t want those jpegs sitting in your computer, we want them on your walls or physically in your hands.

print collections

my print collections come with custom manufactured wooden boxes from my husbands woodshop, schmidt woodworks & design, here in lawai, kauai. so you are supporting my entire family when you choose to purchase a print collection. how cool is that!! boxes will vary from tropical native hard woods such as koa, milo, mango, monkey pod & locally reclaimed wood. my husband constructs each box with love,  using only the finest grade materials from his woodshop. having my husband manufacture my keepsake print boxes helps keep my costs lower then buying them from someone off island & it allows for no wood in his woodshop to go to waste.

you are not only getting professional archival prints on beautiful thick rich papers that you can look at in your hands but you are also getting a beautiful keepsake box of aloha as an additional keepsake from the beautiful islands of hawaii.

additional or specific custom keepsake boxes for albums or print collections are also available for an additional charge.

islandreflectionsphotography_kauaiphotographer1585PINIMAGEprint collection shown in custom reclaimed wood from plantation home in koloa, hawaii.

IMG_5293 copyPINIMAGEprint collection shown here in custom teak keepsake box made by Schmidt Woodwork & Design.

custom hard cover books are included in all wedding collections.

shown here is our layflat 8×8 album & 10×10 hard cover album




our dvd’s are custom designed with your image from your family session or wedding.

dvd cases are eco friendly made from 75% post consumer waste. this double pocket case comes with an eco friendly greeting card printed with soy inks designed & photographed by michelle with a special message for you.

cards & ribbon packaging may vary


wedding collection albums

my signiture wedding albums are custom tailored to your desires. we offer many choices in designs from the color of leather, fabric or image for your cover.

if you choose to not purchase a keepsake album in your collection you can always purchase for your one year anniversary or later down the road.

as a young girl i loved curling up with my mom & looking at my parents album from their wedding day. a beautiful archival keepsake wedding album is a special gift even for your children to look back upon for years to come.


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love is contagious.

….you truly can feel it when you are in it’s pressence.

these two were the sweetest & cutest couple.

their wedding was simple, nothing fancy, nothing crazy over the top.

but it felt like one of the most beautiful weddings simply because of the love these two felt for each other.

ther love radiated so bright that you couldn’t help smile in their presence.







gear: contax 645, nikon610, nikon f100    film: kodak porta 400

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