YANFAMWAY Maui (Kauai Family Film Photographer: Kauai, Hawaii)

i like to call it my yearly dose of photography theropy.

the yanfamway alum meetup.

that time of year that the awesome yan palmer who gave a workshop to us all a year ago comes back & gives us more. & by more i mean more of herself, more vulnarabilty, more knowledge, more inspiration & coolest of all more time with a community of talented photographers who over the years have become friends. i may be speaking for myself when i say this but these workshops speak not only to our creative souls but to our creative hearts. we share more then just photogtraphy tips, tricks & critiques of our work, we share a piece of ourselves.

photography can be a competitive beast. not here. these woman have found a way to take that & turn it into a community for teaching. for bettering ourselves as artists.

yan may not know this but you created a beautiful community of photographers who continue to support each other, refer each other & help better each other in our little island state.

as lifelong learners of our craft when we continue to learn we better our craft. no one is perfect, no one knows it all.

thank you yan. thank you for pushing us “lazy hawaii photogs” up & helping us see the light in our craft. thank you for bringing this community together.


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